The Clientele

The clientele comprises both manufacturers of finished or semi-finished industrial products, and equipment suppliers in the most diverse industrial sectors, as well as businesses which offer services of various kinds (also via the Internet).

Over the most recent years, the Law Firm has also specialised in advisory and consulting services for Italian companies acquired by foreign groups, acting as intermediary in the exchange of information with the parent company, so as to make applicable Italian legislation concerning companies, trade contractual relations and labour relations clear and comprehensible to the latter.

The Law Firm also sees to the adaptation of the codes of ethics of multinational groups to Italian legislation and the compliance of the provisions concerning the control of groups of companies listed on foreign markets.

The clientele also includes public bodies when dealing with EU law, business law and food and agricultural law consulting activities.

Incorporation of companies in Italy on behalf of foreign clients law firm giuseppina po

The relationship with the clientele

The Law Firm offers specialist advice and assistance to the client according to a logic of critical approach and solution of the business problem, using methods which make it possible to establish a relationship of close collaboration with the various offices of the company.

The excellent linguistic skills (Italian, English, French) of the Firm’s lawyers offer the client necessary and direct support in the negotiations and in more general in the handling of international matters: the same approach reserved for national matters is dedicated to the latter, supporting the client also with regard to any more strictly organisational/bureaucratic fulfilments.